This film draws from a movement phrase free of any specific meaning and was subjected to subtle and exaggerated changes while traveling through four distinct episodes recalling daily routine.  


The vignettes are thematically connected and inspired by the works of Martin Arnold as well as​ ​the choreography​ ​of Sylvain Poirier.

This creation reflects on life's mundane routine, a desire for a stable home landscape while still trying to weave the life of a dance artist in the midst of it all.  


Desire to dance.  Desire for love. Desire for escape.


Dancers         Sylvain Poirer/Sonya Stefan

Format           16-mm b&w/colour film transferred to digital support


Winner of the 2010 Mel Hoppenheim cinema award 


Presented at   

2017​ Regards Hybrides,​ ​Montreal​

2011 Les Rendez-vous du Cinéma Québécois, Montreal
2011 VideoDanza Buenos Aires, Argentina            
2011 Excentris Best of Fest Concordia, Montreal
2011 VAV Gallery, Montreal
2010 Transatlantique Dance Manifestation, Montreal



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