Salon-double is an improbable site for creation, a shared point of identical departure for two separate destinations. Salon-double is a space large enough to host two singular yet complementary styles of choreography. The choreographer Sonya Stefan and her quintet invite the audience into a chaotic, frenetic universe marked by candid dance, playful props and video projection. As for Sylvain Poirier, he presents a sober duet full of clean, spare and poetic gesture, with the focus on the subtlety of the movement. Together the two approaches result in a piece about questioning, refusal and desertion, dependence and interdependence, a piece in double time but in a single space. Serious, tragic, stylized, deconstructed, intense, scrambled and passionate, it is a reflection of two artists for whom dance is a compelling force, a response to a visceral and almost pathological need to dance, a serious dependency on dance that they’ve been trying to keep in check for almost 30 years.


Review DFDanse - Nathalie de Han


À souligner, deux beaux moments visuels : une douche de pellicule se déroule sur deux danseurs pour former à leurs pieds une mousse rouleaux de film. À un autre moment, un éclairage parfait et doré cueille ses interprètes de côté.


 Notes for Sonya Stefan


Salon-Double explores throw-away technology such as RCA/extension cords, 35mm film, DVD/ VHS, cell phones, film/video projectors and a back massager to encompass the space and dancers.


Supported by The Canada Council for the Arts, Conseil des Arts et des letter du Quebec, Centre Chorégraphique Circuit Est, Studio 303 and Maison de la culture Plateau Mont Royal.


Premiere Agora De La Danse

 in October 2013. 


Choreography: Sonya Stefan/Sylvain Poirier

Sonya's half Created in collaboration with performers:

Peter Trosztmer/Patricia Iraola/

Alessandra Rigano/Gabriel Painchaud/Nate Yaffe

Sound: Alain Lefebvre

Film/Video: Guillaume Vallée/Sonya Stefan

Lighting Design: Lucie Bazzo

Dramaturgy: Thea Patterson

Artistic Mentor: Kathy Casey

Production: Bande Interdite/Groop Index

Created in residence:

                                         Summer Residence at Studio 303 August 2012

                                         Winter Residency at Studio 303 January 2013

                                         Circuit Est Studio Jeanne Reneault September 2013

                                         Residency at Maison de la Culture Mont Royal October 2013

                                         Residency at Agora de la Danse October 2013


Agora de la Danse - Montreal


Love - In Toronto, Ontario


Dancers Alessandra Rigano/Peter Trosztmer



Dancers Alessandra Rigano/Peter Trosztmer



Dancer Nate Yaffe/Gabriel Painchaud/Alessandra Rigano/Peter Trosztmer



Dancer Nate Yaffe/Gabriel Painchaud



Dancer Patricia Iraola



Dancers Peter Trosztmer/Alessandra Rigano



Dancer Nate Yaffe



Dancer Gabriel Painchaud



Dancer Sonya Stefan



Dancers Nate Yaffe/Gabriel Painchaud


Dancer Peter Trosztmer



Dancer Alessandra Rigano



Sound Artist Alain Lefebvre



Film Artist - Guillaume Vallée



Dramaturgy - Thea Patterson



Props Cords