Sonya Stefan

LCD Teardown

       photo by Justin Desforges


The festival delves into one of the most rapidly growing social phenomena, that of the sharing economy, or collaborative consumption. The fascination with this growing economic system comes from its promise of remodelling not what individuals consume, but rather, the way in which they consume. This “economic revolution,” however, is not without controversy: although some affirm that it allows disadvantaged social classes to gain access to otherwise inaccessible products and sources of revenue, others point to the fact that these multinational platforms are often built on the circumvention of economic regulations and current labour laws.


What does “sharing” or “collaboration” precisely mean? What are the objects of this sharing – things, subjects, ideas, time? Who benefits from these systems and structures, and

what are their limits?




Artists Stephanie Castonguay (Perte de Signal) and Sonya Stefan (Ibrida*Pluri)

          photo by Justin Desforges

Stephanie and Sonya take apart a LCD monitor and reveal the sandwich-like layers of its' guts. They demonstrate the materiality of the liquid crystal display and the polarizer filters to manifest visual information, while the sound echos a dialogue between the obsolete and actual technologies.

Stephanie et Sonya désassemblent un écran LCD pour révéler ses diverses couches en sandwich, montrant ses tripes. Elles démontrent le dispositif de cristal liquide et les filtres polarisant a travers lesquels l'information visuel et le son, tel un dialogue entre passé et présent, font écho aux technologies obseletes et actuelles.


      photo by Sonya Stefan


      photo by Justin Desforges




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