Vienna, Austria


Experimentation during the 2013 Impulstanz ProSeries with Jennifer Lacey and

the Scholarship Winners of Dance Web in Vienna Austria.


Experimental Narrative

Founded in 1984, ImPulsTanz has developed into one of the largest festivals of contemporary dance worldwide. Each summer, thousands of dancers, choreographers and artists from all over the world come together, work together, for five weeks, in Vienna, to celebrate contemporary dance. In 2013, ImPulsTanz celebrated its 30th edition, taking place from July 11 to August 11.


Every year, danceWEB Scholarship Program offers a full scholarship comprising participation in all workshops, research projects as well as attendance of all performance of ImPulsTanz plus mentoring by an Artistic Coach to 60 dancers and emerging choreographers from about 40 countries.


Decision            Successful


We are pleased to inform you that your application was successful. The grant will be paid in accordance with the General Grant Terms and Conditions that has been sent to you by mail with your grant notification letter.


Dancer enters her new school.  She is greeted by the Ballet Mistress who then introduces her to the Head of the School.  Formal introductions.  While walking up the stairs towards her room she is told that they don't teach people how to dance in this school. They assume they already can. 


All the dancers sit in a circle. Teacher says you all know each other. One dancer says no and points with her finger to me. We don't know you.


I = Instructor                            D= Dancer
RD = Rehearsal Director     JM - Man with Jeans

Window Series

I- Match with your touch any pulses or vibrations you can feel in your partner's body.
RD- Fluhhhhhgggg.
I- Forget meaning and interpretation.
R- Hahahaha ha Woah sha
I- Keep your spine longgggg
RD- Wehasha ha iga ha
I- And the back of your neck opennnnnnnn and RELAX.
JM- You can't hang out of the window.
(A man with jeans comes and waves his hand indicating to dancer to not hang out the window)
I- Distribute energy along your partner's body.
RD- Ljubljana just around from teenage camp in NY to frame....
I- Start from the extremities and move towards.....
D- I'm ashamed.
I- And move towards the centre of your body.

D- Even if I didn't know I'm ashamed. Because I have a great

I- Enhance what is happening.
D- capacity for shame.
I- Just put your hands somewhere. Become aware of your own energy in the centre of your body.  Stay open and maintain a soft gaze.


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be careful how you treat your objects they can support or betray you.

the more objects the better

for every face there is a special (lethal) hatpin

when you die, you are alone

the young American is congratulated. the sequence is logical but continuity has a strange scale.

If some congratulates you they wish your death.

madame is allergic to peach fuzz.

Objects have potential to produce positive and negative (transformative)

all object and matter are equal the only difference between then is the potential to affect others

the act of seeing is determined by the criteria of the narrator or by the objects and the way set up within a stretched narrative form.

its a bit like when those people made the ghosts out of wine bottles in the chapel .omnipotent  POV teaches code and stymies empathy.

exposition and history are always told and not show narrative begins with action.

crisis produces itself and resolves itself in the body but not necessarily the same one.


Tarot Card Reading
Taking...taking from...ahhhh I see why it's negative. So in the past there is a sense of limitations of resources redistributed towards another place or body. But with this sense of limitation it has this cannibalistic aspect -a limited number of resources -a limited body-a limited energy so when you are re-distributing it- giving it-there is a sense of depleting yourself - eating yourself or whatever.  This card could be quite different for another person or another place.  I feel like there might of been a limited amount of resources or a finding of a sense of self which a generosity or an idea of generosity which is untenable.

What is untenable?

Undoable.  It can't hold up. Eventually there is depletion because of the sense of body.  A sense of self is finite.
So that is leading up to the present


Match your touch any pulses or vibrations you can feel.....Match With your touch any pulses or vibrations you can feel in your partner's body.

Which is a real flip.  There's immediately -there's been a shift to instead of what the self - what is the material of the self which is felt perhaps finite - going towards another -an outside source - so immediately going outside of the self - going outside of the perhaps edges of body or limitations of body by removing any narcissistic forces..


by absolutely not caring if

(Pause in time)

There's a power of reflection that opens the sense of limits (movement action of rubbing of  one own arms) and boundaries so through reflection - through sort of a focus on a different - that which is not you - there is sort of a surprise perhaps more of you than you had imagined.


And there is also a sense of twinning which is not surprising.  This twinning we could experience it as losing yourself in the other but in fact this is sort of a refracting of energetic systems, which becomes larger and larger......which could be scary.

It could definitely make you a bit spaced out.

And the fact it is not about the image of the body but of a feeling of a body.

Yah it's on a wave impulse.  Even if it is an image - the image is experienced as like waves - color waves - whatever - so it's not about image, which is surprising.



Film Collective


I contact a film collective. Randy responds. He sends me links to his films.  There are images of tarot cards. The deck of swords. There are two men half naked imitating the cards with a pig's head. Some plankton floating in water. Someone's face.  I ask him about the 8 and 9 of swords.  Why he choose them? He says he doesn't know. I say do you know what they mean. He says no. I tell him...half what I remember reading half made up.  He is surprised I researched it. He says maybe I could be in the film.


Two Women in electric blue Lycra leotards - side by side - behind a small table found in the dance studio
Sound - a woman with a calm but instructive voice give us some words
Audience - sitting on floor lined up against one side of studio.
They look at us.  We look at them.


The second teacher has arrived.

Tarot Card Read cont.
So the future.
Be aware of your own sensations and find there the clues to go on.
I mean. It's very sweet.
It's kind of like developmental psychology.  Like transitional object.
Be aware of your own sensations and find clues where to go on.
It's then we return to our own bodies with perhaps a strange - a sense - I don't want to say estrangement because there are a lot of negative connotations around that word but an oblique - sense of - a new angle on it which might feel oblique or obtuse but there are still sensations & that will give you the critical - not really to re-establish an old position but to learn about a multitude of positions - as soon as you break the oneness - there could be a multitude.  There might be also be in this a slight - a slight going back.  The negative aspect of this could be again very self centered which is of course inevitable under a particularly fetishistic way.

To fetishize your own sensations
Your own ideas - your own feelings about this - so
Maybe at this particular moment I would classify as a potential negative outcome.
So to go towards the what you would like to do or away from what you don't like - there's this tool card

Ohhhh.  Ahhhhh

Become aware of your own energy in the centre of your body


I tend to read that as an indication of the centre as essence which is perhaps personality free and condition free - like free of circumstance
That is not the global sensation of your body which can produce an image sensation or a global idea of intellectual mapping that creates conclusions but the energy that is - it says centre.  I'm not thinking about the centre/centre. Like a physical centre but more of the baseline.  The baseline of energetics which would potentially be free from taste.

(Laughs) yah (thinking)

I think energy that is free from Taste or opinion
That's it

D - So how do you connect it to the picture.

Well......this one? Well this is the future.

D - So how do you connect it to all of them?

If you would like to go towards what you think is the positive attractive aspects of this - you could use this which would be going away from the negative. You can shift the future - you could shift away from  - you could towards what you are attracted to. What you would think would be a pleasant outcome. You could shift away which could be an unpleasant outcome.

D - can you read the future again?

Be aware of your own sensations and find clues there to go on.

I think that there is fragility there. There's definitely fragility there.
It can be a new sense of self perhaps on a different angle - like a sense of obliqueness about our sense of self that might be new or it could be a sort of return to re-establishing and that could be very nice.  There is no problem with that - establishing familiar boundaries - then this talks about the centre of energy - the energy of the centre of your body. I'm really not reading that as an anatomical centre.

2nd guru says ......multiple readings - from the same cards we try to read


The tarot card reader slides the cards to face the person who had reading.  This person becomes the tarot teller.


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details are NOT clues.

in the ballet studio there is not a money shot, only set up. this absence of "sex scene" ( meaning) produces unease and a sharpened eye for detail.

the minimal narrative of porn equal the min objects that resonate and produce the " third meaning"

there are an infinite of appendices


Film Collective


I contact another one called Six Pack. They never respond.


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there is always a useless second and an ungraspable third.

reclaiming queer and its desire to not fucking identify itself.

an image is introduced through a mirror, we are introduced to the intangible before the real.

presenting the negative space of the narrative reveals it as a geometric pattern.

the images are not what they are, they are open and thus vehicle for continual metamorphoses of meaning.

there is not a one to one relationship of what is scene and herd and what the cahacters can see and hear.




There is a table.  It's in between 2 curtains.  It moves by itself.


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an  open window in the system is catastrophic.

time is an object within to which the characters can enter.

devotional body of the ballerina

the room is a hungry demanding body

the room is an entropic, volcanic body

the room performs homeostasis.+




How was I today?


Well, you stayed.


I felt like I was super slow.


What do you want? WE were working on it for three and a half months. We worked on it for three and a half hours now. There's tomorrow. Just improve.




I see a show at Volkstheatre. I meet someone in the cheap seats.

He tells me about BDSM. I am surprised that I'm not scared by him.



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the room maintains a secret alcove where the magic happens.


 the school has a presentational surface and also hidden spaces where the motor is.


Class Trip


We go to the Mumoc to see a Dan Flavin piece. I see the Nam June Paik/John Cage prepared piano. I decide to make a prepared film. I buy thread and start sewing the film I brought with me. One of the dancers notices that I have scratches on my back. I should of wore a better shirt.


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the room is a vestigial organ wherein normative process or action is halted or changed.

the room the protagonist.


 Dance Video


Cool. That's just freaky. Her hand looks like a doll hand. Yah. The knife....hahahaha...ohhh..hahahaha. That's really good. We don't see them till ohhhh. But the only reason it's good is because they are really into what they're doing.


Filmmaker from Berlin comes to the Studio


I like her immediately.  She seems shy. Has a cool camera/headphones for sound.


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suggestion of miss en abime ( one reflexion) creates a soft vertigo.

mirrors have big decisions to make: refract or reflect?

Dislocation happens within the frame, or it happens within the editing.

the body imitates to integrate, to do this it need to change itself through prosthesis ( costume).

dead ends solicit change and adaptation.


Dance Studio


There is stuff.  Lights/Gels/Bars/square cubes/neon lights/laptops/cameras in the laptops/Ipads/dancers/books/rear projector/table/digital projector/sound box/curtains/mirror/wood floor/teacher/visitors/dancer's bags on the side of the studio


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in machine theory of deluxe, the inefficient action of the the machine ( the lost work) is the subject.

inefficacy is the only way to get there.

the subjects/characters/bodies  diffuse an ir-reality that prohibits identification. they are perfect minimalist objects.


( causality doesn't exist)


the bodies are raw, reduced modes of experience 

people are decoration. the mechanism of the school multiplies the perfect copy. art in the age of reproduction. the new original. a plethora of ornamentation. 


Film Collective


Dianela and Christian email me back.  We meet at the collective. They lend me a Bolex with a parallax view finder and a Model K.  They ask for a 300 Euro deposit. I don't have it. So they take my driver's license instead. I buy some reversal film from them.


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there is a difference in the treatment of the secondary characters. they are important and disappear.

the room has an awkward technology. there are potential changes that are intimated that do not occur

the ejection of the twin is a return to singular normalcy.




Girl wrestling

Cosette It's past your bedtime. You played the day away and soon it will be night.

Cosette it's past your bedtime. You played the day away and soon it will be night.

Dancer Wrestle

Cosette You pass your bedtime.

That's it.




Being the color Green/Blue/Red.  The primary colors in the movie.  The three lights in the room. 




Dancer 1 - I like that it's sort of a rindy, creamy cheese from France.

Dancer 2 - Right


Dancer 1 - It's like a brie but it's not like brie, right. It's really the then love Camembert.

Dancer 2- And what's your favorite rime?


Dance 1 - My favorite? I was in the deep in  France and someone brought this green D cheese. This creamy rindy cheese.

Dancer 2 - Yap and where's it from?


Dancer 1 -It's from the north of France. It's like Brie but don't like that from England.

Dancer 2 - What do you like?


Dancer 1 - It's like a grimy, creamy cheese and like......




A dancer is on the floor like a snake with a knife in his mouth.




D - It's starts with the.....


I - Yes. Very good idea. It is here on my computer. It is already on my computer so that will be one possibility. Let me just take it out.




It could be.  What do you have a very. That is a good idea.  Why don't you have a very small progression forwards over 20 minutes.




Visitors from Canada enter the studio to view the showing. I know one really well. I know one from a distance. I don't know one. I am from the same country as them. I decide to go say name is.....


Getting ready for Class


Black outfits are required. People share clothes.


The dancers do a bar.




Dancer 1 - Was it bad for you?

Dancer 2 - Yah well it's a bit more complex than that. 


Dancer 1 - So tell me, what's complex about having a pet?

Dancer 2 - Well i was just fond of it.


In the space


A dancer does attitude and then some battu.

A dancer videos others.

Two dancers are watching the dance movie.

One dancer is videoing me.

A bar full of dancers are doing a plie. One says to try to refocus.

Two dancers are on black cubes that are sitting objects.

I am playing with gels.


Talk back/Sitting in Circle


What is a person on stage? What is narrative? What is research? All of these things that definitely have ethical residences.  It's not about making something nice. It's really about the correct action. And a...maybe we should suspend that momentarily. 




There is a xylophone that plays our theme song.


Did you watch the music video? There's like a bunch of tired 80's hair band italian guys going yah yah yah yah. 


Do you actually see them?




I was just thinking.  I really felt like a ghost.  We put our faith in a formless form so...i feel that the time....


Horn has her own theme song


Ballet Teacher - What are you doing here again? How many times did I tell you that I don't want you here anymore. 


Piano guy - For Christ's sake.  I'm not bothering you. This is really ridiculous. 




A dancer does fake therapy on me. I cry. In the bathroom, the Canadian I know from a distance asks me if I am OK. I say yes. Have you done this before? I say yes. She hugs me.




What is potentionally good is that we can climb it. 




Neon Lights on the floor/someone is reading txt from the dance movie/bars are all out but not placed in equal space/two male dancers are by the mirror/someone is video the dance/the curtains are closed/there are laptops around/a dancer leaves to go to the bathroom/a dancer is doing the splits


Being Read By two dancers at the same time


I began interrupting beset with excitement. But where are you? Mary - Listen - If you wouldn't mind I'd love to come by and play my piano for a little while. Would that be OK?  Oh no - well - maybe some other time.  Madame will be back almost any minute now and I'm waiting to give her some messages and then I have to go out. Oh Madame Madame Madame. By the way, what are you eating there? It almost looks like a rose and ball. Now no one must eat the drugs and fat. Perhaps the ball of eternity. Just be the series. I'll tell you about different types of stretches. This is an issue. With elastics. 




Three dancers each in their own light - RGB




Two dancers - rubbing on each other - against the mirror.  Sexy happy music plays.  We are videoing them.




Three dancers made a video.  They have knives in their hand.  They bouree from side to side of the frame.


They clank the knives.  They drop them.  One dancer looks like he is getting sick.  He may have to stop the bouree. He is breathing heavy.  Another dancer laughs. They are great dancers but today feel under the weather.  They continue to dance. 




Two healers/One dancer


It is time to fix her injury.  It's an old injury. Right? It's come back.  K so ahh.  I was thinking all of us could help to lighten up the injury pain if we gather together and umm join our energies.  I suggest you lie down.  And maybe first umm tell everybody exactly where is the injury. It's ahh on the pubic bone and the right hip.  Ah um. Here.  OK. And can you tell a bit how it happened? Now? Yes. We were doing the ahh umm the exercises for Setareh and actually the movements that you were making was fine until we started working together in another direction and then I felt a sharp pain.  A sharp pain? Yes. In the pubic bone and the hip bone. Yah.  Can you describe the pain? Sharp.  Like something is stabbing.  Ah umm.  Short stabbing. OK I am going to open your arms. K. And very important that you keep breathing. Maybe you can breathe so we can see. She's breathing. OK. OK now. I need you to whatever happens just follow me. And breathe? Of course.  You need to be with us. Don't drift away. If you feel yourself drifting. Come back  Come back to your own breathe. And maybe let's all of us be with her. I know if may be funny but let's try to be with her breathe and follow her. So we're all on the same journey.  K. Let's breathe in. Let's breathe out. Mmmmm ahhhhhh mmmmmm ahhhhhh. Now. Do you hear me? Yes. Are you following? Yes. Are you following Setareh? Yes. Are you with us Setareh? Are you with us Setareh? Yes. Now I need you to try to release your hip joints. Release the tension around the hip joints with every out breathe you take. Breathe in. Breathe out. And release. Again breathe in. Breathe out. Release the hip joints. Release. Release. Release. Again. And release the hip joints. OK Are you still with me? Yes. OK Keep breathing. Keep releasing the hip joints. Again in. Out. And this time when you release the hip joint I need you to fantasize - imagine a tree. Can you imagine a tree for me? Yes. Imagine a tree. Imagine a tree. Setareh are you imagining a tree with us? Yes. All imagining the tree. OK. Now see the tree. The tree it's your pain. The tree it's your pain.  And all the pain is gathered in the tree as you keep breathing in and out. You imagine the tree in front of you. Embodying your pain. Setareh are you still with us? Yes. One healer is in 2nd position over the dancer. The other healer is by the dancer's head rubbing her arms.  The dancer is laying down on the floor. Yes I feel it. OK. We are imagining the tree all together. The tree. The tree is right there while we are still releasing. Yah. OK now. I need you to imagine that I am next to the tree. I am next to the tree and Setareh is also there. All next to the tree. You are not alone. We are with the tree. Now I need you to imagine. K. Are you still with me? Yes. I need you to imagine an axe. Imagine an axe. Imagine the axe. I am holding the axe. Can you imagine it? Yes. Setareh? Yah? I know it's funny but it's also really serious guys. I am going to cut the pain away. OK so I'm taking the axe. Can you see it? I need you to. Yes. I'm cutting. One. One. Setareh! Two. THREE. One more Setareh. Come on. Four. Another pushing. Ahhhhh. Push Push.


Pushing the treeeeee. Pushing the tree. Ahhhhh. The tree is falling. Yes. Yes. Ohhh Yes. Shhh shhh. Breathing. You OK. Yes. You OK. Yes. Thank you very much.




Three dancers. One dancer asks everyone if they can help set-up knowing that the exercise is the set-up. Instructions are given. Everyone is setting up. The dancer who made up the exercise is secretly enjoying being in the middle of the set-up. The three dancers are looking for a problem but not sure it will appear. They only have 10 minutes to show what they are showing. The sound doesn't work. The sound is the problem. One is grateful that it showed up so quickly.




Dancers play with the xylophone. Dancers are opening and closing curtains.




Video of man's face on a laptop on a table.




Sherapy in the next room.




I bring the Bolex and Model K to the dance studio. I don't load them for a long time. Finally I find an empty shower area. Close myself in and load the Bolex in the dark.  I am not sure I will use it. I just like that I have them there.


Someone suggests I film two dancers as they walk through the courtyard. I say yes. On the way back we cut through the kid's daycare area. One dancer feels awkward. 




Man on table. Laptop on the man's chest. The laptop has a man's face on it.


One man under the table. He spins the table around.


Dance Video


Oh that's great! Ipad on a laptop. A three channel video is created.

Pixelated faces on left/right screen. In centre - knife play. Dance music.




Are you married?


But you have a kid?

Well I think you can have a kid and not be married.

I can't believe you are asking me that.

I know. I know.


Class Field Trip


We are invited to share a day with the Canadians at their residency.  I bike there. I get lost. But I also like the slow motion feeling of the getting lost. I find it. It surprised me that I found it....cause it partially happened by chance.


I entered the studio. The teacher tells me that she called my cell phone. I have a terrible message.  I know this is true. But she was worried I was lost. People are crawling on all fours. There is another special room. People are male breastfeeding. There is a third room with stuff...costumes...hats...fabric. I touch it all. Try on a few things. Leave the room. I was told that I can go anywhere but not in the third room. And please don't touch the stuff.


The Canadian I know from a distance asks me do I know about the breastfeeding. I say...a little...from Montreal Danse. She says how do you know that? I say. I have friends there. I just wasn't around when you did it. So she says when you hold the one who is breastfeeding you look around. And shows me how you hold the head. Then there is a switch of roles. Have you breastfed for real before? I say yes. It's always funny when I tell mothers about this. I decide to crawl.  I really like crawling and feel really attached to having only one task. I go really slow. Slower than I have in the past. I close my eyes. I feel like an old/young being. Then I find myself with the bells. Then I find myself with Setareh. She asks me. Do you know how to do the breastfeeding? I say no. She explains how to hold the head/ how to look. I feel very lucky to be with her in this moment.




Gel love.


Alone in the Room


We can be alone in the studio for 5min. I pick a Tarot card. It's The World.


The World represents an ending to a cycle of life, a pause in life before the next big cycle beginning with the fool. The figure is at once male and female, above and below, suspended between the heavens and the earth. It is completeness. It is also said to represent cosmic consciousness; the potential of perfect union with the One Power of the universe. It tells us full happiness is also to give back to the world, sharing what we have learned or gained.


I go in the room and half hang out the window. The sound is fantastic.




A choir is formed. Group singing.

We played alot. Darkness. Darkness.  We played alot. 

Day 4. Why not managed to open it. Coming later. You. Like we played alot.

We played with the darkness.

Day 5 Swords. Sssssssssss

Scheduling. Darkness. Confusion. Seek attention. Building. Shit.

Tension. Building up. Situations. Materials. Incompacities.

People are creating. And Growing. But she means. The opportunities. To Proceed in this garden.

She enjoy what's being created round her.




Grateful - two weeks.


End Credits.