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 Upcoming Release April 2021 | Praticing how to talk


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Upcoming Release FEB 2021 | Walking in the Forest


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Music Ylang Ylang


Catherine Debard has roots in Montreal’s experimental music scene, a community in which she has been actively involved for several years. Under the moniker YlangYlang, a solo project she has developed since 2012, she has released records internationally on labels such as Crash Symbols (USA), Phinery (DK), Fluere Tapes (SE) and ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ (RU). She has also created and produced video game soundtracks for Montreal artist Palgal, audio hypnosis sessions for Ascension Hypnosis, she has presented an audio installation at Centre Clark, Montreal, and has given many creative music workshops. Debard has toured extensively in Canada, and has performed at international music festivals including Suoni Per Il Popolo, Mutek Montreal, Electric Eclectics, Strangewaves, Tone Deaf. In 2019, she was part of Red Bull Music Academy at the National Music Center, in Calgary and has participated in a workshop with Suzanne Ciani.








Image: Sonya Stefan
Sound : Stefan Christoff


Endless days of cold snow.
The crisp air hugs my body,
The trees I live next to
remain dormant throughout the winter.
I stare up at them, excited to see the Spring shift.
I tell them, I love you.
I'm waiting for Spring.
I'm waiting for Organ Rhythms Under the Rain.


Camera: Bolex
Medium: 16mm Montreal during Winter
Thank you to Madi Pillar, Stefanie Weberhofer, Stefan Voglsinger


Sound : "organ rhythms under the rain" (3:46)
stefan @spirodon christoff, organ
released on "tape crash" the edition is # 12 released by old bicycle records, featuring a solo side by stefan & the b. side by jan kees helms (@jan-kees-helms)
tape crash # 12 - stefan christoff







A meditative video on family and landscape. The work was filmed on expired film ends, without any effects, and features one young character. The film has no dialogue and travels from Grandes-Bergeronnes to Bonaventure to Percé (QC), capturing gentleness and grandeur.


2019 | 5min | No Dialogue   

Director | Sonya Stefan

Music | Merganzer

Transfer | Teagan Lance

Color Correction | Outpost MTL

Support | Banff Centre for the Arts & Canada Council for the Arts





A stream of consciousness in which layers, mistakes, and deterioration embrace leaps in thought. A dream during which the dreamer is aware that they are dreaming, perceived as a continuous flow of impulses.


2019 | 4min 43 | No Dialogue   

Director | Sonya Stefan

Music | Joni Void

Transfer | Teagan Lance




Traditional Italian Food Culture

Salvatore Stefan, teaches sausage-making skills to his family in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario. It details the traditional process from his home town, Camalo Di Povegliano.

Director: Sonya Stefan
People in Film: Salvatore Stefan | Armando Zanatta | Peter Stefan | PT | Sonya Stefan
Crew: Olivier Gossot | Vitalyi Bulychev | Kurt Waizmann

Screened at:
RVCQ Competition Category | Montreal
Air Canada En Route On Flight Film Series | International
Le Sémaphore Outdoor Screenings | Hochelaga QC
Arthur Funeral Home | Sault Ste. Marie




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