16-18     Co-founder of La Lumière Collective

16-18     Founder Luna AV Performance



18-19     Curator KidsPOP

17-18     Curator Lux Magna

15-18     Curator Ibrida*Pluri


Film Distribution

Collectif Jeune Cinema, Paris France - L'Echo Des Iles

GIV Groupe Intervention Video - Annuaire 

GIV Groupe Intervention VideoLivingRoomDances*Kitchen Series




AnOther - collab. Animals of Distinction | Group A - Agora de la Danse - Mtl QC



Mirror Mountain Film Festival & Merganzer – Ottawa - ON

Impossible Structures, Phillippe Vandal & Sonya Stefan - 10 TV performance - La Lumiere – Mtl 



Harmegeddeon, Guillaume Vallee, Sonya Stefan/Eastern Bloc/Festival Sight&Sound - Mtl



Alexandre St-Onge, Phillipe Leonard, Montreal Nintendo Orkestar, Sonya Stefan/Eastern Bloc/Ibrida Pluri II – Feedback Television Performance - Mtl

Emilie Mouchous & Sonya Stefan, La Passe – Feedback Hi8/DVD - Mtl 

Evoked Response – Cosi i Cosi – Supercooling – Casa del Popolo - Mtl 



Sonya Stefan & Black Givre (16mm-VHS)

Festival Suoni Per Il Popolo in Mtl -Quebec

Le Cercle in Quebec City -Quebec

House of Common in Ottawa -Ontario

Le Rot Fest in Abitibi -Quebec

Festival Passovah in Mtl -Quebec



Mutek EM15 – Annuaire – Elmo Test (Lo-Fi Cine-performance with A. Lefebvre),

Musée D'Art Contemporain de Montreal - Quebec






Old Processes Forgotten (16mm to HD)

2016 Les Rendez-vous du Cinéma Québécois Festival - Mtl

2016 Air Canada En Route Film Festival - Canada



Mystic Unicorn Earth Girl- (Internet glitch) Image Sonya Stefan / (sound) Andrei Jay,

2017 ExScreen 013 –Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia

2017 MUFF Film Festival - Mtl - Quebec

2015 Les Rendez-vous du Cinéma Québécois Festival -  Mtl -Quebec



Annuaire - collab. Alain Lefebvre

2017 Lab 111 - Dynamic Form Workshop - Amsterdam

2017 Cloud/Danslab - Den Haag - Netherlands

2017 Klex Film Festival - Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia

2017 Retro-Exotic - Studio 303 - Montreal-Quebec

2015 Festival Subcultural – Celebration IV - Buenos Aires Argentina

2015 Celestial Festival, Goethe Institute - Buenos Aires Argentina

2015 Deprapage 15, Cinémathèque Québécoise in Montreal -Quebec

2015 Festival Oodaaq in Nante -France,

2015 Musée des beaux-arts de Rennes -France

2015 La Grande Passerelle de Saint-Malo –France

2015 Festival Images Contre Nature,Videodrome 2, Marseille France

2014 MUTEK electronic music festival in Montreal –Quebec

2014 Skoll Gallery – Kohlenstoff Records in Montreal -Quebec

2014 N32 – MusicVideoArt - Palais Des Beaux Arts in Lille -France

2014 Nuit Blanche in collaboration with Winnipeg Film Collective and

Montreal Stop Animation Festival in Montreal -Quebec

2014 ESPACE PROJET art contemporain + design, Montreal

2014 Ende Tymes in Brooklyn –New York

2013 Festival ONFI Poitiers Cedex -France

2013 ImpulsTanz Vienna -Austria

2012 Nyktalop Melodi Festival ONFI in Poitiers Cedex -France


Fishbowl Experiment – collaboration with choreographer Audree Juteau & Same

(double-channel installation), presented at

2015 Haphazard MFA Gallery Concordia University in Montreal -Quebec

2015 FOFF Micro Festival in Montreal -Quebec


Colab Piece for DNS8 – collaboration with Alain Lefebvre (Experimental/Super 8)

2013 One Take Super 8 Event for Double Negative in Montreal -Quebec

2013 La place de la Paix [SAT] in Montreal -Quebec

2014 Les Rendez-vous du Cinéma Québécois in Montreal -Quebec


Where is the ghost? - Collaboration Guillaume Vallée

2012 (Experimental 35mm/16mm found footage), 2013 Festival ONFI Poitiers Cedex -France


Living Room Dances *Kitchen Series* - (Doc, 16mm to HD),

2015  Bucharest International Dance Film Festival in Bucharest -Romania

2012 Cinecycle Toronto –Ontario

2012 Groop Index's Tribute to Martin Duckworth ONF Montreal –Quebec

2013 Les Rendez-vous du Cinéma Québécois in Montreal  -Quebec

2014 Embodied Artful Practices Simon Fraser University, Vancouver –British Columbia

2014 Mainfilm Film Optics in Montreal -Quebec


L'Echo - (Documentary)

2011 Festival du Nouveau Cinéma in Montreal - Quebec

2012 Le Cercle Video Femmes in Quebec City - Quebec

2012 Amerasia Film Festival in Montreal - Quebec


L'Echo Des Iles - (Dance film/16mm, 4-channel piece)

2013 $100 Film Festival Calgary - Alberta

2012 Les Rendez-vous du Cinéma Québécois in Montreal - Quebec

2012 Wallpaper Dance Film Festival in Trieste -Italy

2011 Monument National (Tangente) in Montreal - Quebec

2011 Quartier Danse (ONF) in Montreal - Quebec


TurnOnTVDrinkCoffeeRehearseShow - (Dance film/16mm to HD)

2011 Les Rendez-vous du Cinéma Québécois in Montreal -Quebec

2011 VideoDanza in Buenos Aires -Argentina

2011 Excentris Best of Fest Concordia in Montreal -Quebec

2010 Transatlantique Dance Manifestation in Montreal -Quebec


Concatenare - (Dance film/16mm/Video)

2010 International Video/Dance Festival Yokohama -Japan

2010 Wallpaper Dance Film Festival Trieste -Italy

2010 VideoDanza Festival Buenos Aires -Argentina

2009 Montreal World Film Festival Montreal -Quebec

2009 Moving Images Festival Toronto -Ontario


There's a Tendu in your Cereal - (Experimental Dance Film/16mm/Video)

 2009 Maison de la Culture Mont Royal Montreal, integrated piece ICI by S. Poirier


Rollerskating is for Old People- (Experimental Dance Video)

2009 Transatlantique in Montreal -Quebec

2012 Objects and Electronics Album Launch by Alain Lefebvre Montreal -Quebec


Bianco, Nero, Grigio - (Dance Film/16mm)

2010 Wallpaper Dance Film Festival Trieste -Italy

2009 International Video/Dance Festival Yokohama -Japan

2008 Montreal World Film Festival in Montreal -Quebec

2008 Bird's Eye View Festival (mash-up) London -England    






AnOther - Dana Gingras|Group A|Sonya Stefan - 24TV - Agora de la Danse, MTL



LCD Teardown - Stephanie Castonguay & Sonya Stefan/ArtHackDay/Eastern Bloc



Ibrida pluri* - hybrid lo-fi performance - In collaboration with Alain Lefebvre/Guillaume Vallee/Hazy Mountain Mystique, 2015 groop*index at Gallery Notre Dame

Endless Love Durational Performance - Love Cinema Poster Project

Curated by T.Lance & S. Stefan presented at The Stable, Montreal

#boxtape –   Collaborative Work with Peter Trosztmer 2015 FOFF, Cinars, Tangente Mtl



Haphazard – Fishbowl Experiment, (double channel installation) MFA Gallery,

Concordia University Montreal -Quebec

Nuit Blanche groop*index, collaboration Winnipeg Film Collective/Mtl Stop Animation 



Cinecycle - Groop Index , four 16mm projos performance/composer Jason Doell, Toronto



Ende tymes, Festival of Experimental Projection/Music with Alain Lefebvre,

Four 16mm projector performance in Brooklyn - New York



Sylvain as Sonya, (16mm/35mm converted moviola projector) Ctrllab Gallery, Montreal

TurnOnTVDrinkCoffeeRehearseShow (seven television installation)

Les Rendez-vous du Cinéma Québécois and VAV Gallery Montreal





2015 Concordia Video Portraits, focus on PHD student Paulo Diapan

2014 Devlin Marlow, Code Orange, Director of the GoPro Team, Montreal

2013 SMCQ Season, Salle Pierre Mercure, Camera Operator, Montreal

2013 Sol LeWitt Wall Drawings, FOFA Gallery, Camera Operator, Montreal

2012 CRTD, "Danse Transit", Director/Camera Operator, Montreal





2016 Schmiede17, Contact Printing Residency, Hallein, Austria

2015 Fonds de recherche du Québec - Société et culture grant – Internet Image research 

2013 Canada Council Grant for Impulstanz Dance Festival in Vienna, Austria

2013 Travel Grant / Cine-perform./Festival ONFI/Collectif Nyktalop Melodie, France

2013 Circuit-Est Residency for Salon-Double, Montreal Quebec

2011 Residence at Studio 303, Summer and Winter Program, Living Room Dances

2011 Canada Council Research, From the Living Room to Web/ Leisure Dancing

2010 Mel Hoppenheim Cinema Award, TurnOnTVDrinkCoffeeRehearseShow 

2009 Sandra & Leo Kolber Award, Rollerskating is For Old People, Concordia
2008 Astral Media Award, Bianco Nero Grigio, Concordia
2007 Canada Council Production Grant, Sonya & Yves, bande interdite
2003 Canada Council Grant for Ballet Tanz Summer Intensive in Vienna, Austria





07-10 Concordia University- Bachelors of Arts in Film Production with distinction

94-97 The School of the Toronto Dance Theatre - Limon/Graham baseTechniques

2005 Swing Dancing - Lindy Hop

81-89 British Association Teachers of Dance in Tap, Jazz and Ballet and gymnastics




DANCE (selected)





 2017 Nathan Yaffe, Dunno Know Wat U Know - Tangente,  Montréal - Québec                 

15-16 Mariko Tanabe, Body-Mind-Centering Conference - Montréal - Québec

15-16 Nathan Yaffe, Virtual Dancing Research Period – Massachusetts - USA

15-16 Peter Quantz/Montreal Danse Social Media Research - Montréal - Québec

15-16 Cité Mémoire/Michel Lemieux & Victor Pilon, Large scale projections - Mtl

14-15 Dana Gingras /Animals of Distinction/Somewhere Between Maybe,

Agora De La Danse, Ibrida Pluri II - Montréal - Québec

12-15 Estelle Clareton/S’envoler/Montreal Danse, Centre National De La Danse Paris, Avignon, Mexico Tour- Montréal - Québec 

12-13 Isabelle Mohn/Corps Miroir, Chum/RQD Project, Maison de la Culture - Mtl  

10-12 bande interdite/Sonya & Yves, Tangente, Monument National, ROSEQ, Rideau Québec, Maison de la Culture Cote des Neiges, Montréal Nord, Mont Royal, Ste.Genevieve,Longueuil, Terrebonne, Québec Tour 

10-11 Jean-Claude Bustros La Porte, Research Project, Hexagram - Montréal

10-11 Paul-Andre Fortier/Chantal DuPont, installation La Chute - Montréal - Québec     

07-10 Deborah Dunn/Nocturnes, Agora de la Danse, CAM on tour, Segal Centre,

Maison de la Culture - Montréal - Québec 

08-09 Montreal Danse/Pierre-Paul Savoie choreographic workshop, Montréal    

08-09 Louise Bedard/Ce Qu'IL EN ReSTE, Live Art - Halifax - Nova Scotia                

05-06 Montreal Danse/ Estelle Clareton/Furies Alpha1/24, Banff

04-05 Fondation Jean Pierre Perreault/Les Petites Sociétés, Canada & Europe      

04-05 Signe Perreault/Documentary film, Les Film de l'Isle, Montréal - Québec       

04-05 Montreal Danse/Desire#2, AHsoon (Korea), Montréal - Québec

03-04 Cine Qua Non Films Frederic et George (Chopin), Chor. Helene Blackburn             

03-06 Fondation Jean Pierre Perreault/Eironos/La Petites Societies/

03-06 L'Exil-L'Oubli,  International Tours - Montréal - Québec

02-03 Le Carre des Lombes/Daniele Desnoyers/Batailles, Québec Tour                  

02-03 L'Architecte du Corps Amerimage- spectra inc. Director Tim Southam, Mtl          

01-05 Pierre Lecours/Dead Like Me/ La Poupee/Le Diable/L'Heretique,

Tangente , Les Printemps de la Danse, Montréal - Québec 

00-04 Cas Public/Helene Blackburn/Nous n'irons plus au bois and    

Courage Mon   Amour/Incarnation- Montréal – Québec - European Tours 

98-00 Toronto Dance Theatre Varied Repertoire, Canadian, India, American Tours

95-98 David Earle Misere, Sacra Conversazione, Walking in Venice, Toronto 

95-98 Newton Moraes The Last Season, Mulher em Branco, 4 Mulheres,Toronto      

95-98 Stelios Calagias Hershey's Chocolate and Honda Industrial­ – Banff - Calgary

95-98 Davis Mirza Rebel Vision, Love and Confection, Toronto - Ontario

95-98 Kenny Pearl CTV Television, Radiant City, Toronto - Ontario              

92-93 Rikki Lugo Carousel/Barnum, San Gabriel Civic Light Opera - Los Angeles - USA

92-93 Bubba Carr Bawdy Ballroom Blitz - Los Angeles - USA                 

90-91 Tokyo Disneyland Kyoko Sagami and John Addis - Tokyo - Japan





2015 Short & Sweet Rejected, Sala Rossa, Collaboration with Black Givre, Montreal

2014 Kitchen Series - LOVE IN-We Are Still Here, Pia Bouman, Toronto and

2014 F Off - micro festival, Teckno Lith (New Gas City) Griffintown

2014 The Voice of Stephen Burns - Festival ONFI, France, with JLK/Guillaume Vallee

2013 Salon-double, co-creation Bande Interdite, Agora de la Danse, Montreal

2013 Festival Phenomena-in the Spirit of George Méliès, Short & Sweet, Sala Rossa

2013 The Flowers in the Vase Emerge - Red, Collab. Alain Lefebvre, Festival ONFI,

2013 Expanded Cinema Festival in Poitiers France, co-production Groop Index       

2012 Short and Sweet, Collab. Karl Lemieux, Bruno Julien, Jean Bourbonnais, FTA     

2011 Echo Des Iles, bande interdite, Tangente, Monument National, Montreal             

2010 TurnOnTVDrinkCoffeeRehearseShow, Rendez-vous du Cinéma Québécois

2009 Sonya & Yves - bande interdite, Tangente/Maison de la Culture/Quebec Tour 

2008 Black and White Dance, Theatre St. Catherine, Art Matters Festival, Montreal

2006 Much Ado about Nothing, Shakespeare in the Park, Repercussion Theatre   

2001 3rds,  Vernissage at Studio 303, Montreal                                                                   

2001 Bella Italiana- Ffida, Toronto, Ontario                      

2000 Chor 2, Ffida, Toronto, Ontario                     

1997 http;//www.interact, Dancemakers, Toronto, Ontario





2004 Fondation Jean Pierre Perreault JOE, Canada and European Tours

2001 Cine Qua Non Films Frederic et George (Chopin), Assistant to the Choreographer





15-17 College De Montreal, SEC 1-2-3-4-5, Montreal

00-16 Ballet Divertimento, contemporary dance, CEGEP and SEC 1-2-3, Montreal 

03-05 Fondation Jean Pierre Perreault, Company Class for JOE European Tour  

03-05 Concordia University, substitute teacher for year 1 & 3, Montreal

01-04 Centre Immaculate Conception, Tap and Contemporary, Montreal                    

98-99York University, substitute contemporary dance teacher, Toronto                   

93-99 East York Community Center, Dance Director, Toronto