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From Autonomy to Agency


Sonya Stefan is a media artist who creates interdisciplinary work using real-time electronic glitchery, High8 video cameras and 16mm film.  She is interested in deterioration using damaged materials of all kinds, from broken video mixers, disintegrated found footage film to glitched television screens and transforms these materials into contemporary new media works.


She premiered a 24-television installation with Berlin-based band Group A and choreographer Dana Gingras at Agora de la Danse in April 2018, touring it to the Mona Foma Festival in Tasmania Australia.


Her work has been exhibited at Musee D’Art Contemporain de Montreal, MUTEK (CA), Festival Oodaaq (FR), Bucharest International Film Festival (RO), Musee de beaux-arts de Rennes (FR), Danslab (Netherlands), Lab 111 (Amsterdam), Air Canada En Route Film Festival and many others. 


She is a curator at Lux Magna, a festival created by women and non-binary folks, POPMontreal and Suoni Per Il Popolo. She is also a co-founder of La Lumière Collective [micro-cinema] and Ibrida*Pluri [expanded image festival] hosting independent makers within various platforms and support needs.


For over twenty years, Sonya has also been a professional dancer performing with various companies such as Animals of Distinction, Estelle Clareton, Toronto Dance Theatre, Jean-Pierre Perreault, Montreal Danse, Nate Yaffe, Paul-Andre Fortier and many others, continuing to combine her media works with her dance practice.  


In December 2018 she completed a five-week Visual Arts Banff Residency, developing new techniques for her practice.


Presently, Sonya is collaborating with Joni Void [Constellation Records], combining16mm films with glass-effected projections for his new album Mise En Abyme and performing visuals for band Fly Pan Am during the Suoni Per Il Popolo 2019.








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