Bianco Nero Grigio

This is my first 16mm film.  

All the effects/editing are in-camera and it was put together on a Steenbeck.


It's all very dramatic.....but I included it anyway.

Good reminder of where I was back then.....and whole process of filmmaking without a computer.....


Dancers          Patricia Iraola/Darren Bonin

Format            16-mm b&w film transferred to digital support


Winner of the 2008 Astral Media Award, Concordia University


Presented at   2010 Wallpaper Dance Film Festival Trieste, Italy             

                         2009 International Video/Dance Festival Yokohama, Japan

                         2008 Montreal World Film Festival

                         2008 Bird's Eye View Festival (mash-up) London, England           




Patricia Iraola


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