Annuaire is a yearlong audiovisual collaboration between Alain Lefebvre (experimental musician) and Sonya Stefan (dancer, choreographer, filmmaker).


Annuaire was started in January 2013.


Distribution Groupe Intervention Video



Jan/13/chor de (16mm)



Feb/13/slush vid (micro surveillance camera)




Mar/13/SR/Square Sequin (16mm)

Presented 2012 Nykalop Melodie Festival ONFI, Poitiers Cedex France 



Apr/13/Pets watch good workout for Dance (mini DV/VHS)

Presented at 2014 ESPACE PROJET art contemporain + design, Montreal

2015 Festival Images Contre Nature,Videodrome 2, Marseille France

2106 Artists' Television Access, San Francisco, United States



May/13/Shard (paint on film)

Presented at 2014 Nuit Blanche Montreal



June/13/Play (VHS/Motion/DVD)



July/13/Ghat Kk J R G An Kitty To Fred F Pin Ded Des Today Choir Gt Des G De Gfd Gtdx Dgdhs Dd G W F Q A Always light Dub Dhh Gghj Khoi Hhh Hugh Kipling (IPAD)


Source footage shot with Jennifer Lacey at the 2013 Impulstanz Pro Series, Vienna Austria

Presented 2013 Nykalop Melodie Festival ONFI, Poitiers Cedex France 

and Skoll Gallery 2014 Kohlenstoff Records, Montreal



Aug/13/Garden of the Dead (35mm film)



Sept/13/i (mini DV)

2015 Festival Oodaaq in Nante / 2015 Musée des beaux-arts de Rennes 

2015 La Grande Passerelle de Saint-Malo France



Oct/13/puss (till I die) (VLC glitch coding)

Presented at the 2014 Ende Tymes festival in Brooklyn, New York



Nov/13/8Lovers (Canon 5D/VHS)



Dec/13/The Elmo Show (Hi 8/VHS/Youtube)

Presented at 2014 Mutek Electronic Festival, Montreal Quebec

2015 Festival Subcultural – Celebration IV - Buenos Aires Argentina

2015 Celestial Festival, Goethe Institute - Buenos Aires Argentina


Dec/13/7th (glitch)

Presented at Deprapage 15, Cinémathèque Québécoise, Montreal


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