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It started out as a queer burst of friendship between friends and a desire to connect at a moment when we had no idea what lay ahead, or how long the effects, restrictions, and impact of covid-19 would go on. We thought others in our networks might feel the same and extended an invitation to (try to) create space for our artist-community to connect through something familiar and reassuring in our practices: video making. It was a means to reach out while apart–to see each other, to hear each other, to hook up remotely and make sense of the immediacy of a pandemic, to negotiate helplessness, to reduce anxiety and panic, to show care and find kinship.


In March 2020 after WHO declared the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic, the Québec government declared a health emergency throughout the region of Québec, and the Canadian government advised Canadians to avoid all non-essential travel outside of Canada, a queer group of friends (Nik Forrest, Alanna Thain, Dayna McLeod, Jackie Gallant, Sarah Williams, and MJ Raposo), formed 2gather-a-part; a co-vid collective intent on bringing together artists for a collaborative video making project. In June 2020, Sonya Stefan was added to this core team. We all continue to manage and coordinate various aspects of this (ad)venture.


We plan on making these videos with interested artists until COVID-19 subsides. If you want to participate, please email 2gatherapart(at) for more information and upcoming deadlines.


We’ve also set up a fundraiser for local artists who are struggling through this hard time. If you’re able, contribute to this fundAll proceeds go directly to artists in need due to Covid-19.


Co-vid 19 exquisite corpse no 1

Co-vid 19 exquisite corpse no 2

Co-vid 19 exquisite corpse no 3

Co-vid 19 exquisite corpse no 4

Co-vid 19 exquisite corpse no 5

Co-vid 19 exquisite corpse no 6

Co-vid 19 exquisite corpse no 7

Co-vid 19 exquisite corpse no 8

Co-vid 19 exquisite corpse no 9

Co-vid 19 exquisite corpse no 10