Love Cinema Poster project was presented within the Endless Love Event presented by Animals of Distinction at the Stable in Montreal QC!

Screening - A/V performances - Installations 
****** SCREENING BEGINS AT 20h30 *************************

Film & video work by
Marjorie Lemay - Luciana Marcos- Thomas Lance 

Matthew Wolkow - Oswaldo Toledano - Gabrielle Provost

groop*index recent film & video

A/V performances by
Black Givre & Sonya Stefan
Mandi Morgan & Jared Weircinski
Olivier Creurer

Installations & recent work by groop*index' members
Irene Boleda - Igor Boudnikov - Vitalyi Bulychev - 
Olivier Creurer - Ralitsa Doncheva - Sonya Mladenova
Mandi Morgan - Sonya Stefan - Guillaume Vallée.

Saturday, April 11th

"Eliminating what is deemed to be unsuccessful provides a chance for others to commit the same mistakes, but it also discards the option for alternative interpretations of the result."

this vernissage will lead right into Concordia MFA Open Studios !!!


Fish Bowl Experiment - Double channel video installation


Dancers Audrée Juteau/Same

Collaboration Audrée Juteau/Same and Sonya Stefan

By using lo-fi glitch techniques and 2D motion effects, this film explores supernatural powers embodying energetic shifts of time and space.

Peter Trosztmer, Thea Patterson and Sonya Stefan are presenting work as a part of a festival of their own creation, the @F OFF (microfest). Here in Montréal, the three-day festival will feature “the dance that i cannot do,” “The Kitchen Series” and “5 out of 6 Machines” along with the work of several other artists.





4 days to Mutek

Going with my VCR and DVD player