Sonya Stefan

Alain and I got into Mutek 2014.

I still can't believe it.




After-math of Agora Show.....

Daily starving.....

Verge of Bankruptcy....

Working 5 projects at the same time to stay afloat somewhat....

Coming up with methods of buying groceries for Charlotte and I.

Stealing Toilet Paper from Around

Telling Charlotte we can't buy a Christmas tree.

I never thought that I would feel actual starving

but then today


I got a CALQ grant.  

My first one.

I can pay all the dancers.

I can pay a little of my debt.

I can buy toilet paper.


Last night Charlotte and I bought our Christmas tree.


C and I made to the end.  

The piece is about to premiere at Agora de la Danse.

I never imagined that this would happen to me......

Today....I entered the enormous space at FJPP..... felt many things.

Said hi to the ghosts who live there.

and then did some cartwheels.....

And then everyone came.

pulled out the cords/projectors/stuff....and started doing.



bg_19271377396994.jpgTheatre in Vienna


Still from July video (Annuaire) created with the participants in Jennifer Lacey's Pro Series.


Home from a life changing experience in Vienna during the Impulstanz Festival.  The people, the performances and the new thought towards my teaching practice has changed me! I feel like my world was rocked and my love for dance has deepened....further than I thought possible. 

Dancers Patricia Iraola/Peter Trosztmer/Alessandra Rigano


Finished a two week rehearsal period at the De Gaspe Loft for LivingRoomDances/Salon-double.

Alain made some sounds.

Kathy Casey came to see it.

Dean Makarenko and Sonya Mladenova came to see it.

Thea Patterson helped me with dramaturgy.

Vitalyi Bulychev took photos.

Nate Yaffe came to learn Gabriel's part so we have a back-up dancer.


Never thought I would be this happy but I was.

Funding support via my Credit Line.

I'm going to have to do a lot of shit jobs to support my debt.........  


I wonder how I'm going to come up with rent for July.

May 20th

Made a website. Posted it on Facebook.  Maybe this is too organized for me.

my . artist run website