Sonya Stefan

Cinescalier - Montreal 2015
Visuals Sonya Stefan - Guillaume Vallée (Montreal)
Sound Olivier Creurer (Boston)

Screening of Living Room Dances*Kitchen Series!!!

Love Cinema Poster project was presented within the Endless Love Event presented by Animals of Distinction at the Stable in Montreal QC!

Screening - A/V performances - Installations 
****** SCREENING BEGINS AT 20h30 *************************

Film & video work by
Marjorie Lemay - Luciana Marcos- Thomas Lance 

Matthew Wolkow - Oswaldo Toledano - Gabrielle Provost

groop*index recent film & video

A/V performances by
Black Givre & Sonya Stefan
Mandi Morgan & Jared Weircinski
Olivier Creurer

Installations & recent work by groop*index' members
Irene Boleda - Igor Boudnikov - Vitalyi Bulychev - 
Olivier Creurer - Ralitsa Doncheva - Sonya Mladenova
Mandi Morgan - Sonya Stefan - Guillaume Vallée.

Saturday, April 11th

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