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Video | Guillaume Vallée + Sonya Stefan

Music | Dada Centauri  | Whitney Ota + Andrew Hume

Weird Canada


Presented October 3rd | 2014

El Cine Es Otra Cosa

Buenos Aires | Argentina




Audio Visual album American Trance by Data Slum

35mm film | Feedback | Sonya Stefan


Mise en Abyme


For their MUTEK debut, Joni Void and Sonya Stefan turn Mise en Abyme into a visual performance of the album, in which both artists are equipped with digital and 16mm film projectors, crystals, water and other objects to refract and effect the filmic material into abstract visuals and organic textures, broadcasting the personal transmissions at its centre.







Leading up to a series of Japanese tour dates, Joni Void is sharing a new video for the song “Non-Dit.” Created, performed, and shot by Jean Cousin (aka Joni Void) alongside frequent collaborator Sonya Stefan, the video draws inspiration from Joni Void’s riveting live show while highlighting Stefan’s beautifully gauzy, dream-like visual aesthetic. In the artists’ own words:
“The visual worlds of video artist Sonya Stefan and Joni Void collide for Mise En Abyme, as her experimental 16mm films meet the glass-effected projections from JV’s live performances, combined here to form a multi-layered “screen in a screen in a screen” music video for “Non-Dit.” Naomie de Lorimier (aka N NAO) prepares bouquets in a trance-like state, and performs vocal loops, while Sonya & Joni smudge the digital video with light-works and shots of flowers from two 16mm projectors, with crystals, glass and water placed in front.”

Suoni Per Il Popolo, Fly Pan Am, et CKUT 90.3FM présentent:

Deux nuits d'intrusions de signaux diffus à La Sala Rossa et la Sotterenea, co-conçues par Suoni Per Il Popolo et Fly Pan Am !
Scènes multiples, plus de 15 groupes, projections audiovisuelles / Multiple stages, more than 15 bands and live video projections!

Avec/with: Fly Pan Am & Sonya Stefan, Fennesz, Wolf Eyes Music?, Moth Cock, Gashrat, Lungbutter, Sef III, Girl Circles, Dominic Jasmin, Night Lunch, Faze, Philippe Vandal, DJ Moskos, DJ Loumi et plus.



Suoni Per Il PopoloAnimals of Distinction et CKUT 90.3FM présentent

Dana Gingras / group A / Sonya Stefan 

Portes 20h30 Performance 21h00
$20 / $25


July 5th

General Assembly / Assemblée Générale
    ༽ ༽ ༽ Joni Void + Sonya Stefan (A/V collaboration)
   ༽ ༽ ༽ ༽ Alexia Avina (with visuals by Joni Void)
  ༽ ༽ ༽ ༽ ༽ T. Gowdy
 ༽ ༽ ༽ ༽ ༽ ༽ lo-tide


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