Title Walking in the Forest

Video Sonya Stefan

Music Ylang Ylang


Catherine Debard has roots in Montreal’s experimental music scene, a community in which she has been actively involved for several years. Under the moniker YlangYlang, a solo project she has developed since 2012, she has released records internationally on labels such as Crash Symbols (USA), Phinery (DK), Fluere Tapes (SE) and ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ (RU). She has also created and produced video game soundtracks for Montreal artist Palgal, audio hypnosis sessions for Ascension Hypnosis, she has presented an audio installation at Centre Clark, Montreal, and has given many creative music workshops. Debard has toured extensively in Canada, and has performed at international music festivals including Suoni Per Il Popolo, Mutek Montreal, Electric Eclectics, Strangewaves, Tone Deaf. In 2019, she was part of Red Bull Music Academy at the National Music Center, in Calgary and has participated in a workshop with Suzanne Ciani.








A screening of Organ Rhythms Under the Rain! 5H30pm!


A work created in collaboration with Stefan Christoff!!! In the company of amazing artists below! All thanks to Myriam Boucher and Jean Piche!


Montréal joins the Seeing Sound streaming event with a collection of videomusic works by some of its major practitioners, many who are old habitués of Seeing Sound. Some vintage, some new, with speeds to see and colors to hear.


Isotone – Prémices (1:00)

Line Katcho – Simulacre (7:20)

Jean-Philippe Pierre-Louis – Puntito_visual (6:33)

Karol Couture – Bird of Flames (5:11)

Jocelyn Robert – Dry Lake (11:31)

Raphaël Néron – Waldeinsamkeit (5:00)

Myriam Boucher – Phases (17:00)

Désert mauve – microstars (10:00)

Jean Piché – Tempus Fugit (6:30)

Ilyaa Ghafouri – Soft Corps (7:28)

Félix Bonjour – Hors-Cadre (4:54)

Frédéric Lemelin – Morrigan (5:59)

Léa Boudreau – Triggers (2:00)

Maxime Corbeil-Perron [re]:generativ (11:00)

Sonya Stefan et Stefan Christoff – Organ Rhythms Under the Rain (3:56)

Yan Breuleux – Tempêtes (21:00)

Félix Bonjour – Survol (4:34)8

Louis Dufort – bjvfewo (4:49)

Guillaume Vallée et Véro Marengère – Voish of Magic (5:01)

Simon Coovi-Sirois – soft atrophy (2:13)

David Arango-Valencia – Debridement Gold (6:00)


Seeing Sound is an informal practice-led symposium exploring multimedia work which foregrounds the relationship between sound and image. It explores areas such as visual music, abstract cinema, experimental animation, audiovisual performance and installation practice through paper sessions, screenings, performances and installations.




12-hour online event organized by Christof Migone.



First in a series of twelve annual events taking place on December 12 from noon to midnight GMT (7-7 EST, 5-5 CST, 4-4 PST). Each year the event will move through each word of the 12-word phrase you and I are water earth fire air of life and death and activate the word of the year in myriad ways.


This year it all starts with you-. It always starts with you-.


All participants were invited to programme one hour with you- as the sole prompt. The result could be a mix of live and recorded (or entirely one or the other). There could be a visual element throughout, or partial, or none at all. An open structure welcoming coherent incoherence (or, incoherent coherence). A radio-but-not-really-radio event where you and you and you share the same nonplace.


YOU- HOUR 11 (22-23 GMT) (17-18 EST) (15-16 CST) (14-15 PST)

Animals of Distinction (Montréal) PRESENTS Dana GingrasTot OnyxSonya Stefan


you think to appear/when you begin to appear/you begin to appear/when you think to begin/


A lost space that leads nowhere. Restless and confined. Disembodied and embodied presences roam, taunt, multiply and echo each other across planes.


Dana Gingras/Animals of Distinction. Choreographer, filmmaker, performer and artistic director of AOD. Founded in 2006 the company functions as a type of framework for contemporary practice, as a point of intersection where the social kinaesthetic, and the possibilities of physical thinking can be visualized in choreographic ideas with different collaborations and with other art forms.


Tot Onyx. New solo project of Japanese duo group A’s Tommi Tokyo. Formed in 2012, group A has explored the possibilities in breaking the preconceptions of live performance, attempted to subvert the boundary between musical performance and performance art incorporating use of the body, live-painting, noise, acoustics, and poetry in their formative performances. Frequent collaborations with visual artists, dancers, and scenographers of different practices is one of the crucial processes in her experimentation both of sound and performance.


Sonya Stefan. Independent Media and Dance Artist. Interests are Trash Aesthetics, Shifting Trees and Bodies that escape their realm. Collaborations with a variety of artists in dance, music and visual arts, as well as community-based projects, combining her love of fragmentation and suspension with that of togetherness.




Choreographer Erin Flynn! and amazing artists Mairéad Filgate! Melina Stinson! Brianna Lombardo! I took for granted the intimate moments we share when we move together.

Been a gorgeous week filming with inspiring women! Maria Kefirova at Théâtre Lachapelle in her work Measuring Distance with collaborators Paul Chambers and Guillaume Létourneau!


For more info on the whole team check




“Je Vois / Non-Dit” is exclusive to Bandcamp and PWYC for first week of release.


Joni Void’s Constellation digital discography is also on sale during this period. Head over to Bandcamp and pick up Mise En Abyme and Selfless for $6. Proceeds from all these sales go 100% to the artist.


Montréal-based avant-electronic artist Joni Void is a prolific force within the city’s DIY scene: alongside his solo endeavours, Cousin works continuously with a wide range of collaborators and curates his own music site, micro-label, community and concert series Everyday Ago. Among these recurring musical accomplices is poet and singer N NAO (Naomie de Lorimier). Since first meeting in 2016, the two have worked together frequently in both live and recorded settings. “Je Vois / Non-Dit” combines live recordings by the duo into a single longform track where N NAO’s vocals are given unearthly yet organic treatments through Void’s warped manipulations, sampling, atmospheric textures and deconstructed beats – joined by Eddie Wagner on flute about halfway through the track’s 21-minute running time. Filmmaker Sonya Stefan‘s accompanying video is an impressive work of avant-garde analog filmmaking it its own right, in the tradition of materiality/light-as-sculpture, amplifying the hypnotic and dreamlike trajectory of “Je Vois / Non-Dit” with its abstract, spatial, refracted projections.


“Je Vois / Non-Dit” is the last Corona Borealis track of 2020, and a luminous final chapter in this first half of the series. Stay tuned for the second batch of 8 longform singles that will begin dropping in January 2021.

So happy to be part of

AMPLIFY Digital Arts Initiative Turns Up the Volume with 20 New Artists at MUTEK MontréalA bold proposal launched in 2018 to connect women-identifying artists working in digital arts and electronic music across the Americas and the UK - AMPLIFY D.A.I returns to MUTEK Montréal to showcase the ingenious and future-bending work of 20 new participants. Selected by the British Council, Somerset House Studios and MUTEK, artists from Argentina, Canada, and the UK, join a series of public-facing discursive, exhibition and performance activities during the festival’s hybrid edition, accessible to the world through MUTEK’s online portals.Enriched by its harnessing of different cultures and experiences, AMPLIFY D.A.I fosters a platform for dialogue on access and equality, while also providing career and networking opportunities—and committing resources to elevate and advance the contemporary and dynamic artistic practices of each cohort. More than 80 women have participated in the initiative, which debuted at MUTEK during the same year the festival first achieved gender parity.

It started out as a queer burst of friendship between friends and a desire to connect at a moment when we had no idea what lay ahead, or how long the effects, restrictions, and impact of covid-19 would go on. We thought others in our networks might feel the same and extended an invitation to (try to) create space for our artist-community to connect through something familiar and reassuring in our practices: video making. It was a means to reach out while apart–to see each other, to hear each other, to hook up remotely and make sense of the immediacy of a pandemic, to negotiate helplessness, to reduce anxiety and panic, to show care and find kinship.


In March 2020 after WHO declared the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic, the Québec government declared a health emergency throughout the region of Québec, and the Canadian government advised Canadians to avoid all non-essential travel outside of Canada, a queer group of friends (Nik Forrest, Alanna Thain, Dayna McLeod, Jackie Gallant, Sarah Williams, and MJ Raposo), formed 2gather-a-part; a co-vid collective intent on bringing together artists for a collaborative video making project. In June 2020, Sonya Stefan was added to this core team. We all continue to manage and coordinate various aspects of this (ad)venture.


We plan on making these videos with interested artists until COVID-19 subsides. If you want to participate, please email 2gatherapart(at)gmail.com for more information and upcoming deadlines.


We’ve also set up a fundraiser for local artists who are struggling through this hard time. If you’re able, contribute to this fundAll proceeds go directly to artists in need due to Covid-19.


Co-vid 19 exquisite corpse no 1

Co-vid 19 exquisite corpse no 2

Co-vid 19 exquisite corpse no 3

Co-vid 19 exquisite corpse no 4

Co-vid 19 exquisite corpse no 5

Co-vid 19 exquisite corpse no 6

Co-vid 19 exquisite corpse no 7

Co-vid 19 exquisite corpse no 8

Co-vid 19 exquisite corpse no 9

Co-vid 19 exquisite corpse no 10