Nuit Blanche Montreal



Émilie Mouchous (audio) & Sonya Stefan (video)
Nuit blanche à Montreal : Lune rouge | Red moon
Recorded live at La Passe, Montreal, QC, Canada, February 27th 2016.

Audio artists curated by Albérick - [walnut + locust]
Video artists curated by Guillaume Vallée - groop*index
Shot on DV. Video : Albérick






Nuit Blanche 2014


groop*index is participating in Concordia University's first ever Nuit blanche event titled

CRYSTALINE- The Cinematic and the handmade. The evening is devoted to exhibiting, celebrating and creating the craft of handmade cinema via animation, 16mm loop projections, glitch art, outdoor snow projections, groop*index film screening and live performance by Sonya Stefan, Jane L. Kasowicz & Guillaume Vallee.