Sonya Stefan

L'Écho des Îles

Separated by four sections, this dance film embraces the unpolished aesthetic of contact-printed color film stock and various re-photographic techniques such as reversal color film stock, homemade filters and light manipulations.


L'Écho Des Îles has two variations: a single channel work

                                                    or as a four 16mm projector installation


Dancers  Siôned Watkins/Sylvain Poirier/Sonya Stefan/Yves St-Pierre
Music      Bertrand Chenier

Lab          Niagara Custom Lab

Format    16-mm b&w/colour film transferred to digital support


Distribution Collectif Jeune Cinéma, Paris France


Screened at      

2014 $100 Film Festival, Calgary Alberta

2014 Crystalline, Nuit Blanche, Montreal

2013 Festival ONFI, Poitiers Cedex France

2011 Festival du Nouveau Cinéma, Montreal (short version)

2012 Le Cercle, Video Femmes, Quebec City (short version)

2012 Les Rendez-vous du Cinéma Québécois, Montreal          

2012 Wallpaper Dance Film Festival Trieste, Italy

2011 Monument National (Tangente), Montreal          

2011 Quartier Danse ONF, Montreal


Four Screen Version


AperOfni a L'Espace Mendes-France

4 16mm Projection  - Tangente Montreal

Dancer Sioned Watkins/Photo Robert Etcheverry


Dancers Sonya Stefan, Sioned Watkins, Sylvain Poirier/Photo Robert Etcheverry

Tangente Montreal





Single Channel Presentation

Dancer Sioned Watkins/Photo Sonya Stefan



Dancer Sonya Stefan/Photo Sonya Stefan



Dancer Yves St-Pierre/Photo Sonya Stefan



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