Archive/Experimental Images from Pro Series with Jennifer Lacey in Vienna, July 2013.
Dancers are the scholarship Dance Web winners. 

Original Description of Workshop written by Jennifer Lacey

The content of this project is generated by a fictive alliance between works that are not my own: Susperia (film by Dario Argento), der Eintänzer (film by Rebecca Horn) and the catalogue of Dan Flavin between 1976-77 (the time span of the productions of the two films).

Dance Photos


Dance Video
Title was taken from the email subject headings as the video was sent daily from Vienna to Montreal. Source Material is from daily showings in the workshop.

Video created with one part of the code missing. Sound is product of image.

This Video is included in Annuaire.

Annuaire is a yearlong audiovisual collaboration between Alain Lefebvre (experimental musician) and Sonya Stefan (dancer, choreographer, filmmaker).

Annuaire was started in January 2013.

Full title: Ghat Kk J R G An Kitty To Fred F Pin Ded Des Today Choir Gt Des G De Gfd Gtdx Dgdhs Dd G W F Q A Always light Dub Dhh Gghj Khoi Hhh Hugh Kipling

Susperia Gel Love


Archive Images from Daily Showings (Video as Text)


First Glitch Experiment


Ballet Class

Showing with Fernando Belfiore/Cathy Walsh/Mica Sigourney