FTA Short and Sweet with Karl Lemieux & MAUSSADE



SHORT&SWEET 8, May 2012


For the 8th edition of Short&Sweet, Wants&Needs danse once again takes over the Quartier Général of the Festival TransAmériques. This time around, the theme is “strange pairings”. Wants&Needs have asked choreographers to challenge themselves by working with a musician /visual artist / scientist / psychic (!) or anyone else outside of their normal artistic practice to create their short pieces.

Choreographers and their collaborators will have carte blanche to create whatever they want… as long as it is under 3 minutes. As usual, a timekeeper is present for the event and artists going over the allotted timeframe will have their music and lights immediately cut off!


This short piece was a collaboration between Bruno R. Julian and Karl Lemieux (Double Negative) for a dance piece by Sonya Stefan at the FTA (Festival Trans-Amérique), Montréal, 2012. 


Original Soundtrack recording by Bruno R. Julian (MAUSSADE).

Film by Karl Lemieux.

Choreography Sonya Stefan



Dancers: Audree Juteau, Patricia Iraola, Allison Blakley, Catherine Lafleur, Emilie Barrette, Alessandra Rigano, Ralitsa Doncheva

pg_80821385946337.jpgPhotos by Celia Spenard-Ko